Models and prototypes to understand the world! The artistic & scientific works of Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss arise from experimental research in information and communication technologies. In their 'artistic based research' they combine knowledge on perception and the senses with an aesthetic of experience. Since 1987 Fleischmann & Strauss develop Mixed Reality scenarios. They create artistic works, research prototypes, tools, interfaces and events intersecting interactive art, science and technology. Since 2010 the ZKM-Center for Art & Technology in Karlsruhe hosts the platform for Media Art Research and Education (video) and other installations of Fleischmann & Strauss developed at Art+Com, GMD, Fraunhofer ... FACEBOOK

Project compilation (PDF) - Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss
Magazine Format: Booklet with works of the last 27 years - MARS exploratory media lab


 Datscha Low, 2015-16, Redesign + Expanding, Architecture + Art project, Gnewikow, Lake Ruppin, Brandenburg, Germany => Photo documentation on facebook => Authors: 

 Growing Everywhere, 2014 Artboards-Skateboards design by Fleischmann & Strauss for a skatepark for children in India. More Skateboards by Ai Weiwei, Ashok, Children from Jodhpur, Ernst Handl, Joi Ito, Egon ZippelMonika Fleischmann + Wolfgang Strauss and others for the Artboards-Skateboards AUCTION: March 20 - March 26, 2014. Project by we_school, Ulrike Reinhard

Urban Media, 2013-14. Visualizsing the hidden city - make the inhabitants of the city visible - longterm research. [Artistic research example : Energy-Passages]

 Mapping People not Land - Concept for Benin, 2012 1997 - 2012 (online since 2001) eTeaching Platform for Media Arts & Electronic Culture with visualization tools to explore the archives' content. Knowledge Discovery Tools such as Media Flow, Timeline or Semantic Map, one of the Groundbreaking products of 21 Century. Press Release!

Medienfluss Browser 2008. Audio-visual webinterface for the online archive of, the platform for media art, science & electronic culture. 

Liquid Views 2008. Remastering of a masterpiece 15 years later.

Performing the Archive 2007. Online Archive as a space to enter.

Interactive Poster & Outdoor PointScreen 2007. Display for interactive window shopping 2006/07. Mobile gaming combined with urban screening.

Medienfluss Installation 2006. archive representing images, texts, keywords.

Digital Sparks Matrix & PointScreen 2006. Gesture based Installation

 Virtual Book 2006. Digital augmentation of the classical book.

Digital Sparks Matrix DVD 2006. DVD Interface for the >digital sparks< database.

PointScreen 2002-2005. Patented Interface: Interaction without touch inspired by the Theremin.

Energie_Passagen 2004. Multi-user installation in public space

 Semantic Map (Vers 1/2) 2002-2004. Tools for analysing semantic relations of data in documents. 

 Timeline (Vers 1/2) 2002-2003. Tool for time-based structuring of information in context. 

 Tower House 2002. Rebuilding of an 17th century Town House in Gargnano, Italy

 Mobile Unit 2001. Mobile Streaming-Lab for recording and broadcasting.

i2TV – Performance: Ottos Mops 2001. Distributed, networked poetry play

 i2TV - interactive Conference Tool for Memoria Futura Symposium 1999. Tool for networked participation in public events

 eMUSE 1999 electronic Multi-User Stage, connecting digital and physical space as a Mixed Reality.

Murmuring Fields 1997-1999. Mixed Reality interactive stage

MARS-Bags 1998. Fashion interface inspired by the Theremin

Virtual Striptease (Video Only) 1995. Mixed Reality Performance live on TV-stage

 Video Only 1995. Interactive, distributed Virtual Studio TV production.

 Virtual Balance 1995. Interactive Interface & tool for navigation with the balance of the body.

 Responsive Workbench 1994. Collaborative 3D tool & workspace environment.

Rigid Waves 1993. The story of Narcissus & Echo as interactive realtime morphing installation

Liquid Views 1992/93. The interactive mirror of Narcissus as interactive realtime morphing installation.

Home of the Brain 1991/92. Virtual Reality Installation - media-theory as space to enter. Golden Nica for Interactive Art, Ars Electronica 1992.

Berlin, Cyber City 1989-91. Mixed Reality Installation about the Fall of the Berlin Wall. History tour into the future of Berlin. Cyber City Flight through Potsdamer Platz Architecture Competition.

Between 0+1 1989. Wolfgang Strauss & Monika Fleischmann. Folded 3D bodies for multiple perspectives: Implosion of Numbers. Text+Bilder.

 Hewlett Packard Berlin Office 1989. Wolfgang Strauss & Monika Fleischmann. Participatory Office Design using VR. In: "Büro mit Flügeln". Mensch & Büro 2/1991

 Two Houses 1987-89. Wolfgang Strauss. Extension of a small house & extension of a Schering Institute House of Guest Researchers Library "Denkraum"

 Foldup Thomas-Kirche 1987. Wolfgang Strauss. 1. Preis im Wettbewerb zur Umgestaltung der Thomas Kirche Berlin Kreuzberg. Senat Berlin

 Berlin Berlin 1985. Wolfgang Strauss. Stadtraum Collage Berlin Gesamt Installation 1:5000, 600x150 cm. Berlin Bahnhof Zoo


» MFWS Projects 1989-2009 - interactive indesign presentation => (PDF).
» Digital Sparks Matrix - 2001-06 webbased DVD-Installation
» eCulture Factory in Bremen - showroom opening (Video) 
» - Platform for Media Art and digital Culture, Video dt / en
» Energie-Passagen - Video of the installation in public space:
» Energie-Passagen - web installation & web-docu
» Hypermedia Tele-Lecture on »Sound und Vision« connected with MediaArtNet of ZKM, Karlsruhe  in coop. with Dieter Daniels, Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig. A new form of e-Teaching by connecting two online-archives in a thematic context.
» MARS – the Exploratory Media Lab 1997-2004«, Videodocumentation of works on DVD
2001 – 2004
» Tele-Lectures - video documentation of Hypermedia lectures & lecture series such as: Spiel mit dem Medium, Ohne Schnur, WissensKünste II, DRM und Alternativen, Mapping, Generative Tools, Present Continuous Past(s), Migrating Images, Iconic Turn, BEM 03, transmediale.03, Online-Archive, Bildersturm & Bilderflut, Frames of Viewing a.o.
» Digital Sparks. Videos of award winning projects 2001-03 for our »Info-Jukebox«
» Iconic Turn Lectures: Live-Streaming SS 02-WS 02/03. Partner: Burda-Akademie, Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich (pdf)
» MARS – the Exploratory Media Lab 1997-2002, Videodocumentation on CD-ROM
» Video-Trailer for CAST01 conference at GMD Schloss Birlinghoven
» Fleischmann & Strauss 1992 - 2001, Videoclips of works on CD-ROM
» Ich sehe, was du hörst / I see, what you hear, Video of workshop with children on Mixed Reality Theremin Interfaces (Dieter-Baacke-Award)
» Murmuring Fields - Performance Setting, Fidena Festival Bochum, part II, Videodocu
» Murmuring Fields - Interactive Installation, Transmediale Berlin, part I,Videodocu
» Murmuring Fields - Interfacing Virtual Studio. Videodocumentation
» Video Only - Virtual Striptease. Interactive Scenography, Videodocumentation of Live-TV from GMDs’ Virtual Studio via ATM 350 km to Baden-Baden. Twelve interactive virtual stage designs fort he ZKM/WDR Media Art Award Ceremony in cooperation with Wolfgang Strauss, Visiting Professor at Hochschule der Kuenste, Saarbruecken.
» Skywriter - Virtual Balance, Video documentation
» Rigid Waves - Echo and Narciss, Video documentation
» Liquid Views - the Virtual Well or Narcissus' Mirror, Video documentation
» A Vision of Virtuality, 2. Video about the exhibition of the VisWiz research group at GMD
» Visualization in an Environment of Massively Parallel Computers - Interactivity, Realtime, Virtual Reality. 1. Video about the VisWiz research group at GMD
» Science Fiction? Science Fact!, First Video about Art+Com e.V.
» Berlin-Potsdamer Platz - Underground Study, Video in the Filmhaus Esplanade, Berlin
» Hidden Lines, Video about the building and design of the Hewlett Packard Headquarter Berlin by Fleischmann & Strauss, exhibited in the Werkbund-Gallery, Berlin.


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